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Transportation Services
Warehouse Management
In-House Customs Clearance
Supply Chain Services
Transloading & Cross-Docking
In-Transit Storage
Inventory Management Programs
Assembly and Packaging Services

Transportation Services
3Plus Logistics Co. optimizes international and domestic traffic operations by using the most efficient routes, hiring quality carriers and reducing the steps involved in shipping directly to business customers, while employing collaborative tools and techniques designed to optimize this client's distribution network with other 3Plus Logistics customers. We also closely monitor and evaluate carrier performance, compliance, freight invoices and audit and claim administration activities to reduce cost. The new carrier selection process includes in some cases industry requirements for safety and environmental incident tracking. 3Plus Logistics always supports higher performance for on-time service & order fill rates.

  • Air Cargo - International
  • Ocean Cargo - International
  • Domestic LTL/FTL
  • Domestics Intermodal
  • Special Project Cargo

Warehouse Management
When the client needed to align the shipping activities of two plants serving the same customers, 3Plus will provide a comprehensive solution and managed warehouse service that consolidates the shipping activities, and improve key customer services including inventory accuracy, order fill rates and transit lead-time.

In-House Customs Clearance
3Plus Logistics offers in-house customs clearance to all international import customers. Our professional brokerage specialists will save your time and money with one-call request. We are capable of ABI clearance for all entries.

  • Consumption Entries
  • Warehouse Entries
  • Warehouse Withdrawal Entries
  • Temporary Import Entries
  • Customs Bond Service
  • Drawback Entries
  • Quota Entries
  • FDA/DOA Clearance
  • ABI Clearance

Supply Chain Services
During the initial implementation, 3Plus Logistics consultants created the network design for the new distribution system. 3Plus Logistics also helped with specific supply chain issues that arose in individual business units.

  • Site Logistics
    3Plus Logistics provides a yard management service to efficiently move trailers through the staging and loading areas at a large manufacturing facility.
  • Network Design and Container Tracking Services
    The client supplies retail based chemical distribution network that requires the refilling of returnable containers. 3Plus Logistics supply chain consultants optimized the location of key filling locations based on the retailer locations and developed a container tracking system that provides visibility nationwide and keeps the distribution system running efficiently.
  • Plant Materials Management
    When a new plant startup required fast implementation, the client called on 3Plus Logistics to provide the inbound & in plant material handling. 3Plus Logistics manages all inventories, including bulk unloading & reloading, as well as finished goods on site at the manufacturing plant. In the future, 3Plus Logistics will manage order processing for customers, further supporting the plant's need for fast & competent services.

Transloading & Cross-Docking
3Plus Logistics cross-dock centers keep our clients' products moving continuously. A successful cross-dock program requires precision timing of carriers and completes visibility to the location of every truck and every item. 3Plus Logistics has experience creating and managing these programs in the most demanding situations.

In-Transit Storage
When materials in transit must be stored for inventory management, 3Plus will manage all in-transit storage, containerized or break-bulk, with its wide range of resources.

Inventory Management Programs
Once the materials are in the warehouse, 3Plus Logistics optimizes the time spent handling inventory through careful design of locations. Techniques like dynamic slotting, in which our warehouse system automatically optimizes the location of products in the warehouse based on their "activity level", can dramatically reduce order picking time and associated labor costs. Our inventory management programs can dramatically improve inventory accuracy.

Assembly and Packaging Services
3Plus Logistics is capable of providing a wide range of assembly and final configuration programs. From a configure-to-order environment to the variability of promotional packaging in the consumer goods industry, 3Plus Logistics offers the flexibility you demand. We also offer packaging services for your product that needs to be reconfigured and repackaged. Our packaging service includes not only regular carton box packaging but also special jobs as following:

  • Wood Crating (including heated plywood)
  • Skidding
  • Hood Boxing
  • Pipe Bundling (Strapping)
  • Palletizing (Bagged Materials & Drums)
  • Vacuum Packing
  • Stretch Wrapping (VCI & Shrink Wrap)
  • Flat Rack Loading & Unloading
  • Special Machinery Packing & Loading


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