About Us

Company Profile

3Plus Logistics Co. is a diversified transportation company based in Long Beach, California. 3Plus Logistics is a full-service 3rd party logistics company that uses advanced management systems to integrate and simplify complex logistics operations, international air and ocean transportation, warehousing, storage, transloading, distribution, intermodal service and regional trucking. Particularly, 3Plus' diverse service network between the US and China/Korea/Japan will help our clients find a very easy logistics solution for complex international logistics tasks.

Our Mission

Our commitment as a transportation company is to provide the most efficient one-stop logistics service, international or domestic; air, ocean or land, at competitive cost to meet the needs of our customers. We will continue to create real value for our customers by developing & providing simple and flexible but reliable and timely supply chain solutions.

Our History

3Plus Logistics was established in 2004 as a holding company of Gold Point Transportation, Inc., a Long Beach-based trucking firm, established in 1996, and Harbor Express, Inc., a Los Angeles-based trucking firm established in 1984. 3Plus acquired Magic Freight System, a Los Angeles-based international 3PL provider, as its subsidiary in 2004.

Expanding Goal

The mission of 3Plus Logistics is to design and implement logistics solutions that achieve our clients' objectives at the lowest total system cost. We will accomplish this by using our own strengths in design, technology and operational expertise, or we will employ the resources of outside companies whenever it is most beneficial for our clients. We will constantly seek better ways to provide global logistics expertise to our clients, favoring an analytical approach to logistics design and management. We value integrity, consistency, creativity and flexibility.