Thousands of transportation or logistics companies, large and small in size, provide a variety of services in this industry. It is not always easy to accomplish difficult tasks and overcome global logistics challenges in this competitive market. I'd like to share with you how 3Plus Logistics works with its customers to compete with other providers.

Our strategy is to be the best in the market at putting together logistics resources and operations skills. We believe we stand out because of our systems, our people, and our track record on managing tough and complex assignments. The mission of 3Plus Logistics is to design and implement logistics solutions that achieve our clients' objectives at the lowest total system cost. We will accomplish this by using our own strengths in design, technology and operational expertise, or we will employ the resources of outside companies whenever it is most beneficial for our clients. We will constantly seek better ways to provide global logistics expertise to our clients, favoring an analytical approach to logistics design and management. We value integrity, consistency, creativity and flexibility. Our clients include large-sized global companies such as Samsung and Gateway Computers as well as mid-sized companies in a variety of industries. We mainly focus on transpacific projects between Far East and the continental U.S. We'd like to welcome you to check out our services and capabilities in more detail on this web site.


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